Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now this is Customer care

Authentication has become a serious issue nowadays with customer support. Companies use technology to SPAM their customers with ads and offers.

We feel customer care as more like an advertising firehose. The company doesn't really know us and frankly doesn't really care about us.

We miss the human interaction, handwritings and the spelling mistakes in emails.

Last month I was in Lebanon for work. I go almost everyday to have dinner in BOBs Dinning - Verdun, and I leave my comment after each meal with my email address. I remember once writing that the Grilled Chicken was cold when served to me.

In the 17 of May I received an email from the Guest relation officer of Bob's, addressed to me. This was the body.
Dear Mr. Hussein,

Thank you for the feedback that you mentioned in the Comment Card filled at Bob's-Verdun.

We want our guests to enjoy their dining experience, so your comment regarding the "Grilled chicken" platter is a serious concern for us.

Let us express our deepest apologies. You deserve only the best service and food quality, especially when you visit Bob's.

Therefore, I would like to ask of you to give us more details as to whether you informed the waiter about it, did he replace the item, … so that we can know exactly what needs to be improved.

If you do not mind disclosing your contact number, I would truly appreciate you emailing it to me so I will be able to better assist you in the future.

Waiting for your feedback,

Rita Mehanna
Guest Relations Officer

This email is not sent by a computer, because my comment was carefully selected, my email has been fetched from the comment sheet, and the problem is carefully and specifically addressed in the email as you can see in the email. Computers can't do that.

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna continue eating in that restaurant.

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