Monday, March 29, 2010

So you think you are Special?

What is the difference between a bear in the South pole and a one in the Amazon jungle?

The development of animals are part of their built-in intelligence. They adapt with the environment they currently live in, and if they fail to adapt; They die.

This has been the case for few billion years ago in the Earth. The strong survives and the weak who fail to adapt dies.

So how are you, as a human being, different from animals?

We happened to have the most intelligent engine among all creatures. We call that engine , the Brain.

Look around you, we build houses to avoid the rain. We used to build them horizontally, then when we run out of space, we created vertical housing technique. Thus we had story buildings.

We created communities, systems, politics, cultures and thousands of Arts. We interconnected the Earth with the tool of the Internet. Now anyone in Earth can connect with anyone in matter of seconds.

God must be proud of us.

That's why we dominated the entire Earth in only few thousands years. Something all creatures whom have been living in Earth for more than 14 billions years ago.

And our development is raising exponentially.

Hence, we are special, smart and yes the strongest. At least for now.

But are there other creatures out there in the unlimited universe who out smarted us and have developed even faster than us? Are they trying to reach us?

Who knows.

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