Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Change your dull ArcMap interface to a cool XP Style

OK, this is not rocket science. Its just that you might develop great design for your applications for ArcMap, but it doesn't look so great when you compile your DLL and run ArcMap. It basically converts your application to an ugly Windows98ish classic boring style.

So today I will help you convert ArcMap style from this boring dull interface

To This cool interface


1. Download this file
2. Copy it to ArcGIS bin directory, that is C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Bin most of the time

Your done.

You can do the same with any application, if your application name is say, MyProg.exe, rename the manifest file to MyProg.exe.manifest and copy it in the same directory of your program. It will automatically render your application style.

It works with XP, I don't know about Vista though *unsure*

Enjoy GISing.


  1. It works with Windows XP x64 edition and ArcMap 9.3.1. Thanks for sharing it!!


  2. @mjss25
    Great, thanks for testing it on your system



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