Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Idea: Vehicle Reader

Traffic Police (in Bahrain) make a phone call to the main office to get the details of a given car by specifying the plate number.

So if they want to know if a car is registered or not, they either stop the car or take the number and call the office.

The Idea
Here is the idea with a proof of concept that make this process much easier.

Install a Gadget in Police cars that can scan and read and interpret Cars plat numbers. The plate no. is sent via a GPRS to a web service where it connects to the Car registration database and fetch all these information.

1. Registration Date
2. Number of Tickets
3. Owner Name
4. Last Ticket date
5. Car Color
6. Car Picture
7. Number of Accidents
8. Insurance information

Here is the beauty of all these, it directly displays these information with a green matrix like font on the Car front mirror.

Now the police officer just points that reader on a given car plate number while driving to fetch all this information, and only if necessary he stops the car.

I don't know if this is already implemented but I guess it will be an added value. Moreover its not so expensive to develop.