Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to avoid the fear of being wrong

Avoiding fear is something that you can do, it's there, deep inside you, but its just the fear layers that stacked up inside you preventing you from taking risks and trying new things.

If you don't have this will to be wrong, you will not end up with something creative.

As for How to avoid fear, I will tell you a little story by Sir Ken Robinson, you can do the Math and conclude what to do.

The Little Girl Story
There was a school girl who don't pay attention to classes. One day in the drawing class, the teacher noticed that she is really focusing on her drawings The teacher approached her and asked her.

Teacher: "What are you drawing?"
Girl: "I'm drawing a picture of GOD"
Teacher, amazed: "Okay, but, no one knows what GOD looks like."
Girl: "They will in a minute."

The girl didn't put any restrictions, its in her nature, she just want to try everything. I previously wrote an article about thinking like kids. Here it is if you are interested more in this subject.

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  1. The best way to avoid the fear of being wrong (at least for me) is 1. to remember that you are wrong. Every one is wrong about something, in fact every one is wrong about manythings we just don't know what we are wrong about. 2. Reemember that if your opinions and beliefes are right, they should be able to stand up to criticism. If they can't then they are wrong anc should be dropped.


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