Saturday, July 4, 2009

6 ways to use twitter as a leading tool

A leader is a person who have an decent idea or a message or a vision and people who care about this thought follow him.

Twitter is an effective tool for leaders, only if used properly.

I have compiled a list of 6 advices to use twitter as a leading tool.

1. Avoid Twitter Spam
its becoming a trend for some website to increase the followers by sending automated twits. People hate this.

2. Talk to your Followers or Retweet them.
From time to time go through your followers list and retweet what you liked of their twits. You can also ask questions to a particular active follower, this will destroy any possible barriers between you and your followers and increases the trust.

3. Your twits should reconcile into one message
If you are leading a tribe of classic music, 90% of your twits should benefit your musical followers. Because the more you twit about classic music, your followers will retweet it. Interested followers of followers will retweeted. You will get even more followers

4. Don't ignore @s or Direct messages
You have to create a connection between you and your followers, no matter how many followers you have, do not ignore @Replies or DMs try to reply them all.

5. Don't leave your twitter idle for more than 2 days
Leaving the twitter idle tortures the enthusiasm of your followers and eventually kills it.

6. Avoid TwitsChats
You must have friends in twitter that may ask you some personal questions, replying back with a laugh or some unknown code will storm your followers with something they really might not be interested about. You can follow back your followers so they can send you Direct messages, or use another account just for replies just like GuyKawasaki does.

Always remember, your followers trust you, that's why they followed you. So don't break this trust. Mind each tweet.


  1. You've done good at writing down those tips. Still I want to add some few that you might have overlooked.

    - FollowFriday. FollowFriday happens in the tweetosphere every Friday. Then, people mark their tweets with #FollowFriday and tweets out a list of people who they think others should follow. Great advertising! Remember! If you suggest someone, they'll probably suggest you as well.

    - Dialogue. Talk to people, say hello. Discuss tweets. Ask questions and do answers. People love replies and DMs (direct messages) so if you're the one who does that, they'll worship you. Of course, don't spam and if you don't have anything nice to say: don't say it.

    Great tips Hussein!

    ~ Anders

  2. @Anders
    Surely your addition is of a great value, thanks a lot

    FollowFriday and Dialogues are very important,
    leaders can use followfriday to recommend one of his followers..

    thanks again


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