Monday, June 8, 2009

How to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage

I spent 2 hours trying to convince my neighbor that his machine is not infected with any virus and that message is from Microsoft itself.

His Windows was nagging him with messages and popup balloons of Windows Genuine Advantage.

For those who's looking for a solution to remove the nagging message "Genuine advantage notification" You're at the right place,

1. Just go to c:\windows\system32\
2. Then find the files WgaLogon.dll , WgaTray.exe
3. Rename them both to anything, and restart your machine.

That stops the nagging forever.

Can't find the files?
If you are getting a message to "Install" the WGA, you will not find the above files. So go ahead and install it the WGA. Then apply the steps mentioned above.

Don't even delete the registry keys, let Microsoft read those keys to think that your machine already have WGA Advantage so it will not prompt you again.

Now, for those who want to blame me encouraging piracy, I know that's wrong, we should buy Microsoft software and not used the cracked software, I admit.

But the question is, will the genuine advantage solve that problem for Microsoft?

I guess not.

So why not Microsoft to release a Windows Express version of XP or VISTA (Or perhaps going open source?) and allow us to enjoy it for free. They will save their developers the time trying to verify each and every cracked software. And they will get tons of feedback on it.

Just a thought.


  1. Thank you Thank you ... :)))

    Man I was suffering because of these messages..


  2. e7na b2mrk estaz Kamal :d :D
    Thanks for dropping by my dear friend

  3. thank u brother for ur samrter solution
    i had this problem for along time and finally i found the solution..

  4. @Manna

    Any time sis :)
    Glad I help.

  5. Don't think of WGA as piracy, but more as a Golf Club. As in This guy (company) payed The Microsoft Golf Club membership to be seen as "One of Us."


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