Sunday, June 28, 2009

Earth the Pain

In Electricity
In electricity we use the term Earth to get red of the extra current or statics to better protect a device.

In Prayers
In our prayers we place our forehead on the ground to Earth our selfish ego.

In Business
In Business we Earth the mediocre Projects to feed the remarkable calves ones.

In Programming
In IT we Earth redundant code to create a reusable platform.

In Love
In Love we try to Earth the bad moments and forget them to leave space only for the good ones.

In Breaking up
In Breaking up we Earth all the good moments and just remember how badly we were hurt.

Earth your pain, your way.


  1. Please recommend a way to earth my pain ...

    nice one ..

  2. Talking to me might help :p

    thanks for dropping by kamal

  3. Kamal, you know the procedure to unearth your pain...insert two virtual cuts, close the open points and short the pain altogether :)

  4. @Elie,
    :D :D
    loved that !
    Almost forgot the EFS stuff ..

  5. @Hussein,
    Well we are enjoying your EFS these days. Nice Work!

  6. Elie,

    I will make sure to apply this procedure taking into consideration that the proposed part of my pain is not taken into consideration while tracing my nerves .. lol

    Kelo menak ya Hussein Kharabtelna 3a2elna :) ...

  7. @Elie
    Thanks Elie, I did enjoyed the developement too..

    I am glad ene akhrb 3a2latkon :p

    Thanks for dropping by guys

  8. Well said and phenomenal writing skill .. keep it up bro ;)


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