Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No fear. Google is here

If you wrote a manifesto 10 years ago in a piece of paper, it is unlikely you will find it again now.

If you write something in a blog, a bulletin board, or commented on an Image or a board-post. Google can find it, clean the dust over it and hand it back to you with dates.

If someone claims he found something that you previously wrote about or discovered. Google can pull it back in seconds and prove him wrong. None of your work will be buried, it will be fetched one day if needed.

Seth conveys a great story here about personal branding with Google. A woman looking for a babysitter, she receives three CVs, search the names in Google. Google hunts the applicants and finds them showing pictures on Facebook of themselves drunk, or muttering in a chat room that they don't want to take a mundane job because they see themselves as artists.