Monday, April 13, 2009

McDonlands Manama-Bahrain just fixed their door

It was February the 15th 2009 when I wrote this post, McDonalds main door was broken for more than a month at that time.

In 13 April 2009, they fixed it.

That main door set broken there for more than 4 months.

How much McDonalds makes in 4 months?

Do the math.


  1. In four months maybe they can replace the door.

  2. @Cody
    in four months Mcdonlads can bye Microsoft not just fix a door
    lol I know, too exaggerated.

  3. But they will not. Do u know y?..cuz they don't want their products to get inoperative frequently :)

  4. @nanoh
    Correct ;)
    Thanks for dropping by.


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