Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Research: Thermal Sensing Mouse

What if the mouse served as both input and output device.

It reads the x,y coordinates and it outputs, well, heat!

We could utilize this feature to do some cool stuff.

1. Browsers can emit heat to the mouse when the visited website is new or recently updated!
2. Digg can emit heat to the mouse when the current post has rich diggs.
3. Facebook can emit heat to the mouse when the current member has too many friends or wall posts.

You may add to the list.

From a technical point of view, I don't think its difficult, we just need it to be supported in Windows and Mac to catch in fire.

Feel the heat while net surfing.


  1. If you're too hot in Facebook, your mouse will be too hot to handle. ;)

  2. This may just be a nifty little tool.

    Now, I see mainly two problems, or challenges:
    - Overheating
    - Annoying (If you are too popular or has too many services running it might be annoying to have the mouse heating nearly all the time).

    Anyways, a bit funny idea. And hot too!

  3. @Cody
    that's a total different story,
    you get burns at that :D

    Overheating / Annonying.. problems to be thought of really..
    Yes it would be annonying really to have my mouse heat all the time unless you can turn this feature off.

    but lets think of applications we can utilise that for, its an output,, save me the display in the screen and let me touch it..

    I have 5 senses not just 1, I can see
    smell, listen, touch and taste

    Use those to send me signals.. don't use my eyes and ears only..


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