Monday, April 27, 2009

The Anti-Virus guru is not born yet

You know that.

Everyone deep inside knows that he's not satisfied with his Anti-Virus. Yes you defend it in front of your friends. But you know that it's not the guru.

Nod32: Consumes too much memory.
Kaspersky: It treats everything as a virus including me.
Norton: Most viruses know how to kill it.
Avast: They want to sell you the professional software by any means.

I will not suggest anything. But I will ask you one question.
Have you seen an Anti-Virus that does only his job?

There is always an "AND". An Anti-Virus AND a SPAM filter AND a Pop-Up Blocker AND a Firewall. Why don't I have an Anti-Virus that detects viruses only?

When that guru is born. Nobody will buy it. Nobody will spend hours on Google trying to crack it.

Because it will be for free. And yes, everybody will talk about it.

At least I know that guru will be a Purple Cow Anti-Virus.