Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free Prize Marketing - My Story with Nissan

Kids used to buy Kellogg's Corn flakes just for the toy that comes with it. That toy costs almost nothing to Kellogg's and yet it generates huge sales.

Kellogg's folks placed a prize with no cost, lets call it a free prize.

Nissan Car Service Story
I went to service my car yesterday at Nissan Service Center. They told me it will be ready tomorrow "We'll call you, sir". They offered me a free ride home, I liked that. (This was a free prize)

Lost Prize #1: Rent a car
Since I didn't have a car I needed to rent one. So I went to Budget.

How much it will cost to provide the customer with the option to rent a car for (8BD) 20$ a day! It is better then sending him to Budget.

Lost Prize #2: Time and Convenience
Today, they called at 8:30 am, "Your car is ready, sir". Great, now how can I go and take the car and come back to work? Where shall I leave the rented car? So I went home with the rented car and asked my father to take me to the service.

I lost 4 work hours due to traffic.

Nissan have my address, why not to ask the customer if he wishes that Nissan delivers the car to his address? Add a 3$ or make it free!Lost Prize #3: Fueling the Car
When I received my car it was clean (Another free prize), I paid 80 BD (220$) for the total service. But the car was out of gas.

Fuel the car for the customer, he will notice.
Spreading the Word
Fuel the car for the customer, he will notice. Nissan had 3 potential free prizes and they lost it. If I had these services, I will go and tell all my friends about this service, and maybe just maybe they will come to try it and they tell their friends.

How many Free Prizes are there in Your Business?
You too, think how many possible free prizes are there. Maybe you can add a free prize to your product?

I recommend reading Seth book Free Prize Inside.


  1. Yes, marketing (and sales) people should learn that sometimes they should give some to take some.

  2. @Cody
    absolutely correct,
    its good to find those small free things too.

  3. nice post...

    you really should work in marketing Hussein.

  4. Thanks Mohammed,
    I just get inspired by what I read marketing books

    thanks for dropping by

  5. Nice post Hussein! straight to the point with lots of potential. Companies have to make the extra mile to gain the respect and trust of their Customers! Looking forward to your next post :)

  6. @Elie
    Exactly, gaining the respect of customers is indeed a challenging step

    Thanks for your great comment

  7. Wilson

    I'm so flattered by your comment
    Thanks alot Glad you liked my blog
    keep in touch


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