Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you like some cheese with that?

I had all these questions in mind when the Mcdonald's guy asked me, Do you like some cheese with that sir?

Do you like to find all photos of you in your machine?
Do you like your machine to execute everything by mere speech?
Do you like your machine to recognize the pictures of you or your friends and automatically pull their profile from facebook?
Do you like your machine to recognize porn pictures?
Do you like a website that finds a song by just singing or humming it to your machine?

Do you like an Operating System that can intuitively show you any option you want instantly?
Do you like to have a program to compress your 100 GB music collection to less than 1MB of size?
Do you like a social network that visuals all your friends and your friends of friends intuitively and help you connects faster?


  1. Commented on your blog in mine:


    cheers, chris

  2. @Chris,

    It is great that this post has inspired you to summon such a creative analysis.

    I left a comment there too.

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Yup, those questions remind me that there is still a lot to do with computers.

    Me: "Do you like your machine to be intelligent, sir?"

  4. @Cody

    thanks for asking that question,

    guys lets us some questions here we want our computer to have.

  5. lol, reminds me of me when i was scripting for flash!

    it can go beyond that too! nice one Bu3alay :-)

  6. @Moe

    I really wanted to meet a flash scripter long time ago, send me some of your flash work bujas,

    we need to meet soon enshalla lazm


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