Monday, January 29, 2018

git by Example

Some of you guys asked me to do a video on git and how to get started! here is it enjoy ! I called it git by Example! 

We discuss git by example, we explain all what you need to get started and 15 minutes you have are up and running. Today’s command is git clone, git add, git push.

If you have all requirements (Git command line, github account) you can jump to the actual work

Hussein Nasser

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Stateful vs Stateless Applications (Explained by Example)

If you ever wondered the difference between stateless and stateful applications, REST, horizontal scaling versus vertical scaling? We discuss all those in a small example. Hope you guys enjoy this episode. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each version of the application.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What is a Non-Repeatable Read?

In IGeometry we discuss interesting software engineering topics by example. In this video we explain isolation, the third property of a relational database. Problems arise from isolation are many, and we discuss another one which is Non-Repeatable. We illustrate this using instagram as example .

Saturday, January 13, 2018

What Comes First, User Experience or Software Architecture?

Do you architect the system (Database, Services, etc.) first and then build the user experience for your end user clients (Mobile Apps, Web Apps)? Or Are you the kind of engineer that design the user experience first and let it drive the rest of system? We talk about advantages and disadvantages of both!

We are using Instagram as a use case in our analysis.

Stay Awesome
Hussein Nasser 
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Friday, January 12, 2018

readAllText on Nodejs with Promise

Coming from .NET background and recently started working with Javascript and Nodejs I really miss the File.IO.readAllText in .NET  I find it really useful when reading small texts. The fs module in Nodejs is OK but I couldn't find a promise version of the fs so I wrote a quick boiler plate. Been a while since I posted any code in this blog. Here goes

Code here

Here is how to consume it

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

IGeometry Podcast

This is exciting. Always wanted to do a Podcast and I'm glad I did in 2018. I'm trying out Anchor as a vehicle for this podcast might change it later. This podcast will be a outlet for my thoughts, ideas, educational topics on software engineers. Suggest any topics you guys want to discuss in the comments section.
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Hussein Nasser

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Learn Programming with VB.NET Tutorial

Full Programming with VB.NET playlist

Getting started with programming using .NET. All you need is a computer with a windows to learn programming in a fun way. We learn programming by example here,  our example here is to build a Pizza ordering system.

We are adding new functionalities to this program episode by episode and learn programming in a fun way as we go!

Since I started recording GIS videos late 2014, you guys were asking me to start a vanilla series to just discuss programming in the same approach we were doing our ArcObjects. You guys were emailing me, mentioning me on twitter and youtube comments to do this.

This is for all of you. I sincerely hope you enjoy it, this is the first episode, will continue to post new videos whenever I find a gap.

You don't need to know anything about programming to watch this series, this is where you start, all you need to get started is explained in the video. Follow this playlist, subscribe to the channel to get constant updates whenever I post new episode to stay up to date

A new series of episodes to introduce folks to programming with .NET and specially VB.. So we will create form projects explain what a project is .. what is the output ..

First episode we talk about .NET framework, installation,

write our first project that says Hello world! on a form

Talk about variables

What do we need to start coding?

- Windows OS, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista , 10

- IDE, Visual Studio Express 2013 for Desktop.

Download from here

Stay Awesome

Hussein Nasser

Monday, January 1, 2018

Javascript By Example - Level 1 - Building a Calculator

Want to learn a programming language? You don't need to have any programming skills, All you need is a laptop. Learn javascript by building an application in the process. Proven method of learning by doing,  Enjoy Javascript by Example series

Full Javascript By Example Series Playlist
3 words, just get started, and that is what we did.

Cheers! Hussein Nasser

Vlog - Client/Server Programming Languages

In this vlog we talk about programming languages focusing on programming languages on the client side and the server side.
We also talk about programming languages in the 90s.
Interested in Learning programming ? we have done tutorials on javascript and check them out
VB.NET by Example tutorial 

Javascript by Example tutorial

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Vlog - Persisted Connections

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Today’s vlog topic is about persisted connections, advantages, disadvantages specially while writing applications that hit the database. Should you keep those tcp database connections alive? or should you close them as soon as you are done with your requests.  We also discuss how persisted connections can actually lead to DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks if managed incorrectly.

Boost your GIS knowledge by grabbing my books

Learning ArcGIS Geodatabase

Administering ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS By Example

Building Web Applications with ArcGIS

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Full Multi-User Geodatabase Playlist

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Full ArcGIS By Example (C#) [Phonatech] Playlist

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More ArcObject Videos

Stay Awesome!

Hussein Nasser