Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A tale of a software engineer - Would you like a Biscoff cookie?

This is part 3 of the blog series "A tale of a software engineer" click here for part 2

“I’m telling you, dude, all I did is ask him is to check the parameter data type and he freaked out.” You said to your colleague.

“How slow is this anyway?” Your colleague said, “Is it worth stepping into the API? You know I’m not doing that right?”

“It's bad. Few hundred concurrent requests of those and the database will be fried. Not to mention the network bandwidth”  You said. “The dev who wrote the API left. And we all know why!”

“Its not my fault I told her we were never exclusive.” 

“Plus, no one else here knows GO except for you.” You said

“Don’t patronize me!”, Your colleague snarked

“Listen, dude please do me a favor this issue is marked must-ship and the PO is busting my balls.”  You said patting his back. “I prepared the repro case all you have to do is run this script. Get in there and show them who is boss” 

“Fuck you.” 

“That's the spirit! Would you like a Biscoff cookie?”

 “Sure” Said your colleague as he git clones the REST API repo.

To be continued...